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Current construction for Halloween 2001
These are taken during the construction and will be updated almost on a daily basis.
Construction of Halloween 2001
Here's most of the big stuff
laid out.
A bit more up
After the floor plans are
laid out, walls go up.
A few more
Jesse and I securing the
tops to the house.
Looking in
Looking back in to the first
two rooms. Some new
surprises this year!
More painting for more walls
More walls prepared for
the hallway..
Another outside view
Another outside view.
After the hallway is in.
Inside wall
Putting up the inside wall.
Completing the wall
Completing the wall.
Pizza break
Nancy Wilds brought the pizza.
Jo starts the painting
Jo starts the first of
the night painting.
Roof supports go up
Lee came up with the great
idea for the roof supports.
Roof comes out
Getting the tarp over the top
is always real "fun."
Taking shape
Finally, smoke and lighting will
start to take shape.
The construction crew
Lee, Jesse, Jeff, and myself.
Here's Jeff, although a bit washed out."
Here's Lee
Lee not ready for the camera.
Cutting wood
Here's the gang cutting to fit.
Another view
Basically the same pict.
Back wall, 3rd room
Here's the third room...
Please, enter our house.
Room #1
First room, Jeff's room.
Jeff's bed
Jeff's resting place...
Jeff's bed
...when he's resting.
The hallway..."web" master was Jeff Wagoner.
One wall in room 2
Room #2, my room.
Other wall
same wall as 2000.
Don't try the wrong exit!
Room #3
Room #3, Lobotamy room.
Room 3
Past Patients.
First look at graveyard.
Close up.
One more
Yet another view.
Jo had a Hollywood make-up person
do her face.
Jo and Jeff
Jo and Jeff get ready to spook.
Taking it down always stinks!
Kinda like spaghetti.
Pumpkin carved by my neighbor
This is how Laura's pumpkin looked lit.
Daytime view of entry area.

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