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Some Pictures From 2000
Here are some pictures from year 2000. Some are hard to see, but remember, they were taken in the dark with smoke, black lights, and strobes.
Construction of Halloween 2000
Contruction for Halloween 2000
Another Angle
Here's another angle.
First room
Here's the left wall of the first room.
Right side
Here's the right side of the first room.
Looking into the second room
Looking into the second room
from the rear of the first.
one of the paintings
One of the "windows" in the second room.
The other window
Another "window".
Faces on the wall
The other side of the room.
The pathway
The way out is not
always appearant.
A friendly face
Just another pretty face.
More scenery
More scenery.
More to look at
Outside the rooms, heading out.
Looking back before leaving
Looking back before leaving,
a graveyard.
The exit, I think
The way out, you hope.



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Animated graphics provided by:
Jim Fife