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A few from 1998
These pictures are from 1999. We took them with a flash, so much of the effect was lost. We did it in the backyard and was for the most part, something for people to walk through and look at. Jeff, my roomate at the time, and I didn't get started until two days before Halloween.
The tarp kept light out,
and the smoke in.
Another Angle
Here's another angle.
With the strobe light, the head
appeared to hang in mid air.
Furthest corner
With just blacklights the tarp
and bushes were hidden.
Looking back at the same corner
Looking back at the same corner.
Have to have some kind
of graveyard scene.
Final side
This looked a lot better in the dark.
The crew
Connie, Jeff, Joann, Mom, and Phil.


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